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Property Management Consultant.

Welcome to Widget’s Way! My name is Patti Widget and I’ve been around the investment property industry for over 25 years and counting!

This is why I decided in 2011 to become a Property Management Consultant.

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All the resources, training and support you need to run your rental properties!

What does a Property Management Consultant do?

Have you ever been in a sticky situation with a tenant where you didn’t know what to do? Have you often thought..I wish there was someone I can call to help get me out of this mess!

That’s where I come in! Landlords and property managers can use my 25 plus years experience to get tips and suggestions on how to handle difficult and awkward situations with tenants.

What clients are saying..

I also provide help with..

Constant changes..

With all of the constant changes in the rental industry, you need an ally to help you navigate it all!

Second opinions..

Sometimes a second opinion on a certain situation can really come in handy! A fresh set of eyes will bring a whole new perspective on how to handle a delicate situation.


  • Advice on delicate situations
  • Phone, text, email consultations
  • Rental agreement reviews
  • Notices reviews
  • Advice on eviction procedure
  • High quality articles
  • On demand online training courses
  • Early access to webinars
  • ..and much more!

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January 23, 2024

As a California landlord, understanding landlord-tenant law is crucial to safeguard your interests and investment property. One key aspect of this law is the ability to collect a security deposit from tenants.

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Dealing with the Death of a Tenant in California Rental Property

January 9, 2024

Dealing with the death of a tenant in California can be a challenging and emotionally charged situation, particularly for landlords who haven’t been through that type of situation before.

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New California Rental Legislation For 2024 You Should Know About

January 3, 2024

Every year we must keep up with new laws affecting rental property and 2024 is no different.

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