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What does a Property Management Consultant do?

Short answer: A good Property Management Consultant can save your butt.

Long Answer:

I’ve been in the investment property industry for over 25 years and counting. You can read my entire story on how I got to where I am today here.

Here is a list of the many things a good property management consultant can do for mom-and-pop landlords, landlords with huge portfolio and small or large property management firms.

  • Get a second opinion when you’re on the fence about any tenant situation.
  • Help you understand the ins and outs of your rental agreement.
  • Help with risk management.
  • Help you understand the law in plain English.
  • Help you understand how changes in legislation can affect your business.
  • Keep you updated with constant changes in legislation.
  • Help you pick which notice to use.
  • Dispositions of security deposits in detail.
  • Always on call to help you out of a sticky situation
  • Assist you with your own policies and procedures.
  • Help you market your vacant unit.
  • Help you make sure you’re not using verbiage that will get you in trouble.
  • Connect you with trusted vendors.
  • Translate legal verbiage into simple English between you and your attorney.
  • Help you prepare for court.
  • Understand your local moratoriums and restrictions.
  • Help you present small claims cases.
  • Help you find better ways to communicate with your tenants.
  • Provide training sessions for your office and maintenance personnel.
  • Help limit your risks and exposure.
  • Give you solid answers and direction in times of crisis.

Landlords and property managers already have a lot on their plate. What if for a small monthly fee, you can gain over 25 years experience in the rental property industry? That’s where I come in when you become a member.

I own a few rental properties myself. I’ll take care of your property as if it were my own.

-Patti Widget

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