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Where We Are Today – (AAGLA) Webinar Notes

Published on May 14, 2020 by Patti Widget under Webinar Notes

Where we are today webinar notes

AB 828 – This assembly bill by Chew seems unjust to us owners. Stating a judge can lower rents up to 25% and extend tenancy an additional 12 months during an eviction by a motion filed by a tenant affected by COVID-19. Write your congressmen and stop this insanity against your constitutional rights. They will keep throwing these at us until one sticks.

Get more information on how you can help stop this bill:
AB 828 Additional Info

LA City Ordinance – This just passed and it modifies LAMC to prohibit evictions of residential tenants during the local emergency period for a no fault reason as well as for 1.) unauthorized occupants or pets and 2.) for a nuisance related to COVID-19. Unlike the original ordinance, this new change adds the language stating that landlords may NOT endeavor to evict “tenants during the local emergency period for circumstances due to COVID-19.

This means, don’t even try it. Don’t even think about it. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. This would be considered affirmative defense in any unlawful detainer action. Violations would be subject to admin fees. You get 10 days to rescind any notice.

Read more about “The New Ordinance” here:
New Ordinance Info

Stay calm: We have the WHO, the WHAT, the WHY and the WHERE but until the WHEN happens, we still have a lot of answered questions. Stop trying to figure this out because we don’t have the WHEN yet.

Additional Widget’s Way tips

Don’t speak in absolutes. Don’t write in absolutes. Use words like maybe, possibly, should, might, may.

Don’t forget about AB 1482. The deadline to disclose to tenants that you are exempt is 7/31/20.

Read more about AB 1482 here:
AB 1482 Complete Info

Your ledger and your lease, AKA rental agreement, are 2 of the best tools we have at the moment.

When the time is right, our legal counsel will tell us what notice we need to serve to enforce the collection of back rent. Most likely when the WHEN happens.

When: When the government order to shelter in place is lifted.

No late rent fees during COVID-19 lockdown!

Get more information on COVID related issues:
COVID-19 Resources for Landlords

You can find more information on this webinar on the AAGLA website:

AAGLA Webinar Info

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